Trove Review - All Of 15 Classes

Trove is a video game type MMORPG in pixel, it is developed and edited by Trion Worlds. It is available on PC since July 9, 2015 and will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since March 14, 2017. Trove proposes to the players to choose a class then to improve it as it sees fit, to confront each other , To explore, to build and finally to create their own adventures.

Trove consist of many classes, each unique to its own and not a rehash at all. In fact, it is one of the most interesting classes by far. This game not only features beautiful cube-world but also the best class options so far. Though the game does not allow all characters to be played free, you can pay anytime, any day to play them all. Below are the classes as mentioned:

Knight: Your standard tough-boy, hacking and slashing his way in dungeons and showing off his brand of justice to all who dare defy him.

Gunslinger: A cowboy with sci-fi guns much of a steampunk vibe. Jump and shoot mid-air and blast your enemies to smithereens. Also, he has a sick moustache.

Fae Trickster: A fairy illusionist, pretty but cunning is her own way. Just a typical prankster with creating clones, planting explosive disco balls around your enemies.

Dracolyte: The mage, releasing all his dragonic powers imbued within him. It is best not to ask his past. Did I mention he also has a pixelated pet Dragon as a companion? That is pretty cute

Neon Ninja: Imagine a ninja, with lightsabers for his blades. Live out your Naruto fantasies with this bad boy character and stab enemies with neon blades from the dark.

Candy Barbarian: Nothing better than a sugar-rush while you’re in combat. Just beat the living crap out of the monsters with your ice cream cones, lollipops and what sugary confectioneries you have at your disposal.

Ice Sage: Literally, the dullest but visually stunning class. Be the Elsa you were meant to be and let it go!

Shadow Hunter: Walk and shoot through walls. Pin point your enemies location and snipe them from the furthest distance possible. All within the grasp of your bow and strategic positioning.

Pirate Captain: Love cannons so much, you just equip them as an ordinary firearm. Blast your opponents away and stick a dynamite or two onto them

Boomeranger: Whether it’s a bow, blade or bomb, remember that it always comes back to you. Don’t die by your own hands, that is pretty embarrassing.

Tomb Raiser: A summoner class where you perform devious rituals calling upon the undead and that which should not be mentioned. Create a horde of skeleton armies or a monstrous golem to fight for you. A king does not need to step down and fight lowly peasants.

Lunar Lancer: What’s cooler than a spear-fighter? A foxy spear fighter that calls upon the powers of the moon the bless his weapon with moonlike divinity.

The Revenant: Not your ordinary chubby lovable tank, but easily a Hulk in necessary occasion.

Chloromancer: Before you realize it, you had fallen for her beauty and colour display of nature itself. Healing friends and providing buffs while simultaneously gripping hard onto her victims viciously.

Dino Tamer: A prehistoric man and his partner-in-crime dinosaur come to life. Set ablaze your path and wreak havoc to those who harm you and your friends.

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by troveflux | 2017-05-11 18:46 | Trove Tips